New Fire Rated Downlights from Paviom


Architectural lighting specialist Paviom is launching a new range of Fire Rated Downlights that incorporates the patented UTEKTON System, which seals the ceiling aperture in the event of a fire and eliminates the need for a separate fire hood in a fire-rated ceiling. Featuring an easy to install ceiling clamp fixing system, these single & twin lamp downlights are quickly installed whilst retaining the BRE fire rating for 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Most fire rated downlights currently on the market use a traditional intumescent strip which, in the event of a fire, expands to fill ventilation holes in the downlights and any gaps around the fitting itself. However, intumescent strips are expensive and can degrade over time affecting the original fire performance levels. This new range of Fire Rated Downlights from Paviom has been designed to offer an effective alternative to the intumescent strip. It’s patented UTEKTON system uses a spring shut fire seal system that includes a sealing plate and sacrificial spacer. Under normal conditions, this sacrificial spacer provides a platform for a sealing plate to sit on, keeping the ventilation holes clear and allowing the lamp to offer its optimum performance. In the event of a fire, the sacrificial spacer melts allowing the sealing plate to drop down and block these holes to halt the spread of fire.

For ease of installation, the Fire Rated Downlights are installed using a patented ceiling clamp fixing system where a hole is cut into the ceiling and an upper plate fitted through the hole and slotted into place. A lower plate is then positioned and screwed to the upper plate through the ceiling and, once this is in place, the structural integrity of the ceiling is restored. The lamp can then be fitted with a simple twist and lock mechanism helping to save time on site. This provides a ‘first fix’ option securing the clamp in the ceiling whilst wiring and decorating continues. The heat diffusion of the lamp and its ventilation negates the need for a fire hood.

Paviom’s Fire Rated Downlight range consists of three sizes, FRD80, FRD120 & FRD170 in 13W to 32W lamp options including a twin horizontal version. An 8W PAR 20 LED reflector lamp version from Megaman with an emergency option is also part of the range, which is complemented by seven alternative bezel glass options. All products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with current UK Building Regulations.

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