Lofoot in-ground is the genesis of this range of outdoor luminaires. The in-ground fitting must combat the worst of environmental conditions, and so becomes the benchmark for the Lofoot module concept. Below ground, the precision engineered module provides a watertight seal and ensures condensation control. Above ground, the walkover and rollover solutions reflect nature and Lofoot's eco-conscience pedigree. Now available for the latest LED technology.


Cast marine grade aluminium. Bonded tempered glass lens. Polished stainless steel mounting ring. Ultra high impact copolymer foamed polypropylene bezel insert.


Screw thread bezel. Optimum watertight seal. Condensation control. Ease of re-lamping.


Lofoot module: Akzo Nobel UV powder coated finish. High impact inner bezel inserts; Flat walkover green, black, custom / Domed rollover green, black.


90% recyclable (minimum) by weight.


IP67 protection.


32w CFL
35-70w HID
24w Tecoh MHx LED - Powered by Powered by MegamanMegaman Tecoh 24w